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It all started with island hopping as a hobby. Being islanders we have explored a large part of the Andamans ourselves. But still it wasn't enough, something was still missing! We wanted everybody to see what we were so passionate about. It took us some time to figure that out. But here we are today waiting for you to tag along with us on our next journey. Whether it is a romantic holiday, a traditional tour or an adventure with friends and family, you can always count on us. And that is not the best part, we also have professional photographers, genius tour-guides, mad treasure-hunters to name a few.

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Experience mountain trekking, game fishing, scuba diving and other water sports.

Sea Flights

Give your nerves a new sense while enjoying our seaplane and helicopter rides at Andamans.

Exotic Weddings

Realise your wedding arrangements in the exotic resorts near the beaches of Andamans.

Honeymoon Packs

Make your honeymoon memorable with a couple of professional photo shoots on the islands!

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Standing as one of the seven union territories of India, it is a good travel destination for anybody searching for something out of ordinary. These islands are mainly known for their palm lined, silver sand beaches, mangrove trees and tropical rainforests. Coral reefs surrounding the islands are one of the most famous in the world. The Andaman islands are home to the Sentinelese people, one of the few uncontacted tribes in the world. They live in seculated parts of the islands often off-limits to the outside visitors. These islands once served as the strategic naval base for the Chola empire. During the peroid of European colonization, the Danish East India Company established a colony on Nicobar islands. But later the colony was sold to Britain as they set up a naval base at Port Blair. Now the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair is one of the most beautiful cities in the Bay of Bengal. Another thing that attracts people to this city is the existence of cellular jail. This infamous jail belongs to the darkest chapters in India's struggle for freedom. The prison was mostly used by the British to exile political prisoners during Indian freedom movement. Many of them died due to the brutal torture they received year after year. The agony cannot be experienced unless you see the remains with your own eyes. Keeping the sad part aside, you should never miss a chance to witness the Andaman sunset. It is among the best in the world. The twilit landscape under crimson evening sky will surely make you skip a beat or two.

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